How To Use Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

How To Use Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner? Definitive Guide

If you have ever heated a very delicious bowl of pasta Bolognese or a bowl of fish curry in your microwave- we're sure you have been welcomed with a pungent smell and splatters.

Cleaning your microwave is crucial if you don't want your food to smell like that. The splatters can be wiped up, but of course, the sauce and curry are really hot to touch.

But who has the time to clean their microwave every time they use it? We all leave splatters inside our microwave, thinking that we will clean it up soon. But most of the time, it becomes delayed, and by the time the crusty food bits become too hard to remove.

That is why, angry mama, this funny-looking thing, is here to help you clean your microwave easily. But, how to use angry mama microwave cleaner? Here is all that you need to know about this microwave cleaner that works like magic!

What Is Angry Mama?

What Is Angry Mama

Angry Mama is a microwave cleaner that uses the power of steam to get rid of any dirt and grime. It is a small jar made of plastic that looks like an angry woman!

The jar has a small area that holds water and vinegar. You're supposed to put the entire thing inside the oven, and let it run.

The water will turn into steam, which will loosen up the dirt and grime inside. That way, cleaning up your microwave becomes a lot easier.

How to Use Angry Mama to Clean Microwave Oven?

So, you purchased this funny-looking thing that looks like an angry woman. Well, here are the steps we discussed that you need to follow to clean your microwave thoroughly using angry mama.

1. Open The Top

Open The Top

The entire thing is a jar. You will have to take off the hair of the angry mama, and also its face. This will open a small container that has to be filled with water.

2. Fill With Water

Fill With Water

Then, pour in some water, vinegar, and lemon juice inside this small container. Lemon juice is optional, but it is a great additive if you want your microwave to smell good.

3. Close The Container

Close The Container

Then, you will reassemble the angry mama. Put her head and hair back on!

4. Let The Microwave Run

Let The Microwave Run

Put the angry mama inside your microwave oven. Set it to run for 7 minutes. You will see that the product starts creating steam. This steam is let out from the head of the jar, making it look like an angry woman hence the name angry mama.

5. Wipe Clean

Wipe Clean

After 7 minutes, all of the dirt and grime inside your microwave will have softened up. Then, all you have to do is wipe out the stains with a soft cloth, and you are done! It's that easy.

Top Advantages of Using Angry Mama Cleaner

Benefits Of Using Angry Mama

A lot of people doubt that this thing will be able to clean their microwave because of the small and cute design. But in reality, it's quite beneficial for your microwave. Here is why you should invest in this cute little microwave cleaner.

1. Health Reasons

Removing old food and stains from your microwave is a must. If you let them settle in, these will be the base for all sorts of funguses, viruses, and germs.

Because we are so busy in our lives, it's impossible to clean the microwave every time we use it. It is also quite impractical to clean it every day.

That is why, when all the dirt and grime has settled into the microwave and become quite hard to remove- angry Mama will swoop in to save the day. It makes cleaning your microwave very easy and an enjoyable experience.

2. Easy Cleaning

We have already explained how to use an angry mama to clean your oven. It is a process that will take you no more than 10 minutes. It can clean your microwave easily without causing it any harm.

After the steam session, all you have to do is just wipe the stains off with a cloth or heat resistant glove.

3. Efficient

Not only is angry mama completely safe for your microwave, but it is also efficient. If you were to scrub off the stains and dried food inside your microwave by hand, you would have spent a good 30 minutes behind it. Also, there is a high chance that you might damage your microwave during that process.

Thanks to angry Mama you now can get a clean microwave in just 10 minutes.

4. Great Design

An angry Mama is very compact. It is very easy to store. It won't take much space in your kitchen.

Also, the thing is dishwasher safe as well! Moreover, the toy like design catches the eyes.

Tips And Tricks To Follow When Using Oven Cleaner

Tips And Tricks To Follow When Using Angry Mama

Want your angry mama to work better? Here are a few tips that you can follow.

1. Use Lemon Juice

One tip that we think that you should follow is using lemon juice. Adding lemon juice to your mixture of vinegar and water will help the inside of the oven smell a lot better. This is a very small step that can make a huge difference.

2. Use The Product Every Week

If you want your oven to be squeaky clean, and don't want your food to smell, you should use angry mama on your oven at least once a week. If possible, you should use it more frequently!

If you want the product to keep your microwave clean, you have to use it at the right frequency.

3. Cleaning Angry Mama Frequently

It is important to clean your cleaning tools as well. That is why we recommend cleaning angry mama at least once a week. Otherwise, the lemon juice and vinegar can settle in and cause a funky smell inside.

Then, the product won't be able to clean your oven properly, and might even spread the smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will The Angry Mama Become Hot Inside The Oven After 7 Minutes?

Yes, angry mama will become quite hot after spending stem continuously for 7 minutes inside the oven. The hands of angry mama stay cool even after being heated up in the oven so that is why you should bring her out by holding her hands.

It is better if you use some sort of cloth or mittens to take it out as well. After being taken out of the oven, it needs to be left in the sink to cool down completely. Once you see that the hair part is cold, you can safely open the angry mama and clean it out.

2. What Is Angry Mama Made Out Of?

Angry Mama is made out of non-toxic polypropylene material. You can use it as long as you want without having to worry about safety or health issues.

3. Can You Use Balsamic Or Apple Cider Vinegar With Angry Mama?

You can use apple cider vinegar instead of plain white distilled vinegar. But depending on the quality of the vinegar, it might leave a smell. Why distilled vinegar on the other hand is clean and does not leave any smell.

Balsamic vinegar will surely leave more stains and smell inside the microwave oven. So, we don't recommend using it.

4. Can Angry Mama Be Used In A Conventional Electric Oven Or A Mixed Oven?

Angry Mama has been made for use in microwave ovens. You can use it inside mixed ovens. But, you cannot use the grill function when putting it in a mixed oven.

5. How Do You Use Angry Mama As A Fridge Deodorizer?

You can use angry mama as a fridge deodorizer as well when it's not being used in the microwave oven. All you have to do is fill angry mama with baking soda and put it in the fridge. You can also fill it with water and vinegar to get rid of any strong smell inside the fridge.

Final Words

Now that you know how to use angry mama microwave cleaner, you only have to spend About 10 minutes cleaning your microwave oven.

Just fill the thing with water and vinegar, and let it heat up in the oven for 7 minutes. That's it, most of your job is done there.

Angry mama is completely safe to be used in the microwave oven and will not cause any health issues. You can trust it completely to quickly help you soften stains and leftover food for an easy cleaning session!

Cleaning your microwave oven has never been easier!

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