How To Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid

How To Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid? A Step by Step Guide

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer is one of the most versatile appliances to have in the kitchen. Depending on the model, you can try different cooking methods other than just air frying. This makes the unit go through multiple uses. And with multiple uses comes high upkeep.

Cleaning simple parts like the container or the lid grill is quite easy. It gets more challenging when it comes to the lid alone.

You may think scrubbing the grill will do. But, you’re ignoring the areas behind it. As they are left untouched, you end up with unhygienic cooking. And you don’t want those grease to produce germs and bacteria inside, right?

Then, what should you do?

Of course, adopt a different approach. All you need are your time, effort, and some relevant stuff. With these, you can efficiently get closer to those complex areas and wipe most of the grease off.

So, if you don’t know how to clean the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer lid, check this write-up. We have explained all the steps easily so that you understand well.

How To Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid - The Steps

Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid

Step 1- Safety Measures

Unplug the Air Fryer. You don’t want to risk damaging the appliance or electrocuting yourself. So, it’s very important to stay safe before or while cleaning the lid.

Step 2- Tools Required

Get the proper tools. You will need a screwdriver with a T15 head, 4 cups of hot water, a non-abrasive sponge, microfiber cloth, bottle cleaning brush, and cleaning elements (such as Dawn dishwashing detergent, elbow grease soap, or lemon juice-vinegar mix).

Step 3- Soften The Grease

Now, make a mix of lemon juice and water- each containing 250ml. fill the Ninja Foodi pot with the mixture and boil it with the lid open. 

After the solution boils and steam comes up, lower the lid. Afterward, run the Air Fryer for 5 minutes. This will help soften the grease.

Next, power it off and leave it to cool down. It may take 20 minutes.

Step 4- Remove The Grill

You may see the solution mixed with dirt and grease. Remove the pot, drain the dirty water and clean it.

Now, use the screwdriver and remove the screws. This will disassemble the outer grill. Scrub the grill manually with a mix of elbow grease soap and water. Keep that aside. Make sure not to clean the grill in your dishwasher.

Step 5- Sponge The Sides

You won’t be able to clean the entire area of the interior as you can’t take off the fixed elements like the coil and the fan. Hence, follow a different technique.

Dip the sponge into the mixture and scrub the interior sides to get the initial grease off. Don’t mess with the fan.

Step 6- Scrub The Complex Areas

Now since there are complex areas inside because of the fixed elements, you need to opt for different tools. You can use a stick and wrap it with a cloth.

However, we suggest you use a bottle cleaning brush like this one. Pick the smaller brush and scrub the areas around the fan.

The smaller one is quite flexible. You can bend the body to get into the nooks and crannies, so you give them a good scrub.

Make sure you clean the brush in between and scrub the areas with clean bristles. Also, don’t give much pressure since it can scratch the surface.

Step 7- Clean The Other Parts

You can simply clean the pressure release valve and anti-clog cap with a solution of water and dish detergent. It’s not recommended to toss them into the dishwasher.

Step 8- Wipe The Cleaner And Screw Back

Next, clean the cleaning agent with only warm water using a sponge, brush, or anything suitable. Scrub the areas like the way you did for removing the grease and dirt. Wait for them to dry out.

After that, add all the parts including the grill by screwing the bolts back in.

Step 9- Dry Out

Now, run the Air Fryer by setting it to dehydrate mode. This will dry out the fan and make the bits and pieces drip over the container.

Clean the container and finally leave the appliance to air dry.

That’s it!

Additional Tips to Cleaning Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid for You

Tips For When Cleaning Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid
  • You may not be able to clean the grease from the brush if you’re scrubbing the lid with a lemon juice solution. So, we suggest you use the dawn-water mix directly. This way, you can wipe the grease off the lid as well as clean the grease from the bristles with ease.
  • Make sure you avoid playing with the fan. Otherwise, the Air Fryer may not function properly.
  • Never spray the cleaning agent up. You won’t be able to wipe it if it reaches the complex areas. We are sure that you don’t want the cleaner to sit there while you cook food with the appliance.
  • Don’t use oven cleaner. It has some chemicals that can warp the plastic materials, or build rust in areas.
  • Never use abrasive scrubbers like Brillo pad or hard scraper. It can severely scratch the coil, and fan, therefore, hamper their functionality.
  • Don’t rinse the Ninja Foodi lid under the tap.

Final Words

We suggest cleaning the container and the grill after each use. You don’t have to unscrew the grill every time. Just once or twice a month should be fine.

Make sure to clean the lid very gently and avoid scratching the surface. Note that, disassembling the grill might void the warranty. So, follow the steps only if you’re okay with it.

You can surely clean your Ninja Foodi Air Fryer lid without removing that part. However, it would be more difficult to access certain areas inside and scrub them. Hope this guide is helpful for you. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.